Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Media Morals and etiquettes! Where are they...??

Journalism largely consists in saying "Lord Jones is dead" to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive.  ~G.K. Chesterton

One of the first things that we want with our morning cuppa tea but still question its credibility with every sip.

As they say that everything has two ends: one positive and the other negative and probably this is a phase where media is bending more towards the negative end (which certainly does not mean that they don’t show anything positive).
It will be quite unjust and rude to say that media misuses the freedom it is offered with. Media in literal sense is a very broad term which includes Newspapers, TV, Radio, internet (in the form of new media) and even cell phones. Out of these one medium which has failed to show maturity and a sense of responsibility in recent times is the Television.
The entry of television in our bedrooms has made it an integral part of our lives. The booming media industry has somehow failed to prove its efficiency, questioning its own authenticity and the whole concept of TRANSPARENT MEDIA seems to be dangling in mid air. Because of which people are turning back to newspapers and adopting internet as a more serious medium for intelligent information. The freedom that media enjoys has been a matter of concern because of its unruly attitude.
* Today news is treated as commodity. Today’s media has become more revenue based, which till a certain extent is digestible but not at the cost of truth, real and serious happenings.
* Less news and more advertisements is the new age mantra. Hunger to earn more has made news time cut to less than 15 minutes during a half an hour slot. What happened to the 60:40 ratio in the newspaper’s?
* All they want is TRP turning material, yes if you are a TRP turner you have the right to stay on TV 24/7 else get lost is the attitude.
* Where are accountability, credibility, ethics and transparencythat the media has always sworn by? Criminals disguising as politicians are roaming around free and are always given the highest stratum in media.
* Telling how products are adulterated every now and then is half information which as everyone knows is more dangerous! But what do we do next? Never have the adulterations been curbed and to add to the common mans plight they leave us baffled what to eat or consume as they never give solutions and complete information.
*Somehow the news industry has deciphered that BC’s in their trade really make them go that extra mile in terms of scaling the unattainable (TRP and cash). You don’t know what BC’s is? Aha you naughty naughty it’s Bollywood, Cricket and Controversies aka BC’s.
* Indian media covers bloodshed like it is tomato ketchup. The only thing that is shown during a grief stricken situation is people lying in a pool of blood. Does anyone remember seeing a single scary picture when 9/11 happened?
But here they go to hospitals and have the audacity to go and question people who are even in a state of coma.
* They want to sensationalize everything.

Like in the Arushi Murder Case where the poor father was thrown behind bars and the mother declared a partner in crime without digging out what the truth was?
People buying land on moon and getting the whole thingo registered! Oink Oink!
And how can I forget the ultimate in the sensation series: Rakhi Sawant-Mika’s ‘kiss ka kissa’ where every channel called a panel and held discussions! How duh! She became such a Drama queen aka TRP Turner that even slapping her ex BF (Abhieshek) was important enough to be covered and shown back to back. Now even if she yawns she says, "Media ko bulao, media ko bulao!"

"Usney mujhey yaha kiss kiya...GEEJAS"

*The rat race to be the first one to cover a story or show the first clipping has led to nothing but disaster most of the times. One of the glorious results of such a tradition was that the terrorists during the 26/11 attack got all the minute details about every move the force made, thanks to the media the rescue operation got stretched leading to nothing but adversity.
* Spice sells in India but for once media should realise it’s not a saas bahu saga created to capture the emotions of a housewife. Just to spice up stuff at times stories and situations are created and they don’t exist in real. Really inspired from Jim Carrey from the flick Bruce Almighty I suppose ‘have the power, go ahead and create’.
* The so called ‘fair and just media is owned by crooks, so how can one expect news to be handled in an even manner. A few examples are India News and Sun TV (need I explain more!). Moreover, every channel has a political backup which silently means no negative publicity of that particular party.

A few common trends that channels follow (especially Hindi and regional)


Somehow the whole concept behind Breaking News has been diluted to a level where a common man is unable to distinguish between what is important and what should be left out.

A red ticker starts flashing just like a warning signal and boom goes the anchor, Abhi abhi mili khabar ke anusar Amitabh Bachchan ke ghar se ek cheenti mili.”
This abhi abhi khabar in my dictionary should be a kabhi nahi khabar. Dude we don’t want to know whether Amitabh Bachchan (count all the film stars n cricketers as well) is sweeping the floor or going to meet Rekha (Hold on! This we want to know *wink wink*) or if Aishwarya is fasting for Abhishekh or Salman! Media stoops low to a level where they even tell what colour lingerie celebs are wearing under their clothes in the form of Breaking News.
“Aamir ne SRK ko kutta kaha.” We don’t care if he calls him a kutta or a kameena! (Sorry for the language).
Breaking news has lost its charm... In 70% cases it means Salman driving a cycle or AB going for a regular check up in an ambulance, Aishwarya Rai sneezing, or Dhoni signing a new endorsement deal.
Has anyone tried to cover the mass weddings that take place or just ask yourself how many of you know the name of the man who recently designed the rupee symbol? Why the hell you want to tell us that Aishwarya Rai married a banyan tree or got slapped by Salman!
In short it sticks true to its words. Breaking news’ in today’s era means something that breaks all your hopes what News channels should offer and strengthens your belief that they are good for nothing where seeking genuine news is concerned.

“Sanate ko cheerti sansani...”
“Chain se sona hai toh ab jag jaoo...”

Someone tell me how can you sleep chain se and still be awake! Why did we hire a watchman if we have to stay awake all night?
Can crime shows have more ridiculous tag lines than these?
Jokes apart. They show all the gory details about how a crime is committed and also tell the loopholes hence people who want to commit a crime know what to be careful about?
(Though they don't rule the roost anymore as a rule was passed, so channels can’t telecast such a show in better words).

24/7 TREND:

This rat race to show news day and night has engulfed media like a forest fire and disgraced it even further. The challenge to fill slots has made them come up with the most stupid and sick information available on the face of this earth.

Sure Money-minting System aka SMS RACE:
Do you want to pee?  SMS
Will Aish conceive this year? SMS
I puked...SMS

And the foolish janta is ever ready to waste their hard earned money. Guys! Grow up. Try and consume these bucks by calling a distant relative or a long lost friend rather than wasting them on such stupid choose A or B options.


These one hour talk shows which most channels swear by make me laugh at times. One the anchor is just flaunting his own collection of facts and figures and two the panel called to debate always has a handful of so called experts who are either not related to the topic of discussion in any way or have the tag FOOLISH hanging over their face.

They literally get on my nerves when I get to hear a different forecast every time I flip from one channel to the other. One says wear black today and the other avoid it. What do I do in such a case? Erghhhhhhhhhh...!!

Scales my temper to unimaginable heights of irritability wanting to kill all the horoscope readers in one shot.
Haven’t they heard about, 'United we stand divided we fall'.
Don’t think so as unity in their predictions till date has been like Indo-Pak peace talks aka failed miserably.


Well the picture speaks loudly for Sting Operations.

A few questions that I would love to ask the media twonks...or mad media members
·       Why only high profile cases are given weightage? For eg. Jessica Lall Murder case (coz of Manu Sharma) or the famous BMW case where even the criminals wedding was covered.
·        Why are ministers never caught taking bribes or their assets questioned?
·        Why is Bollywood and Cricket considered as the backbone of media? Is media this weak and fragile that they need to be dependent on them?
·        Why have they never highlighted the plight of the martyr’s families who laid down their lives for us during the wars but stand in front of Amitabh Bachachan’s house on his birthday every year?
·        Is a child who fell in a bore well to be covered continuously for a whole day more important than girls who are sold every day for as less than `2000?
·        Why is Sania Mirza, who has hardly won any tournament, covered more than Saina Nehwal who currently ranks No. 2 in the international ratings? Just coz the later is not as pretty and camera appealing?
·        If a certain area is flooded, why the hell reporters cover that at a stretch? This won’t help the water levels or even rainfalls lower anyways. In fact in 80% cases the situation is exaggerated and is not as grave as they show it to be! And yes why doesn’t the whole unit get drowned in the floods ever? Guys please conduct a poll for this. LOL.
·        Is a beggar who burned a few thousand rupees just to warm himself up more important than farmers who commit suicide for as less as a debt of `250?
·        Why is it that poor men for that matter of fact even a middle class individual’s plight and pain never highlighted? Give me a count when a candle March vigil was carried for a poor man and the answer will be none.
·        Why does media always try so hard to make things look worse? 
·        And the question still remains unanswered, where is the credibility and transparency that media has always sworn by?

It’s high time, media needs to be shaken and told to assess the gravity of their actions. They should face reality and not give more than they can deliver! Coz we are not asking for it anyways. The out of control media needs to be tamed down.

Media needs to weigh the responsibility (in terms of freedom of expression) that they are carrying on their shoulders and act keeping their moral sense intact.

As of now the dominating attitude and stagnation is just suffocating the viewers and we are longing for that professionalism to come back.
Way to go Indian Media! 
Good Luck and here’s hoping someone gets a Pulitzer back home real soon which keeping in mind the whole scenario seems a far-fetched dream.

P.S. Showing media’s ugly face does not mean it is good for nothing. I’m thankful that it keeps me updated about all the important matters and happenings around the globe and makes me believe that it is nothing but the truth (which no one can be sure of until and unless the news is related to them *wink wink*).


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