Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its a MAD MAD Life...!!

When I recall all the funny incidents in life, I start laughing no matter where am I sitting or whosoever is around me. I think everyone has a collection of such moments in their photogenic memory whose mere mention brings a smile on our face and wants us to relive such unexplainable moments (because putting such moments in words is possible but the whole emotion is not).


I had a huge crush on Leonardo di Caprio when the movie Titanic released (I mean like he is the cutest looking guy I have seen till date). Me being such a love struck fan of his, that my friends started calling me Jas Di Caprio and Leonardo, their Jiju. Till date my friends address me by this name and I am amused to bits, wondering how weird it used to be, looking back on to how crazy I was at that point of time.

Still remember my birthday that year when all the gifts I got. Leonardo di Caprio’s posters, key chains, postcards, a batch, a pencil box and yes even my slam book had his image. Guess he should consider himself a bit lucky to have a diehard fan like me. Not to forget the the nasty fight with one of my friends’ just coz she said that I was too much into him. The fight turned so ugly that she decided to leave the group (So, no one better say anything against him or there would be rivers of blood everywhere :-P)


Back in school somehow I could not help but split into laughter even if the teacher scolded me, or the matter of fact anyone. So, whenever I felt like laughing or teasing my bench mate, all I needed to do was throw a pencil on the floor and glide under the desk. For what? To sit under the desk for a while, where obviously the teacher was not able to see me and laugh like crazy.

One fine day one of my subject teachers suddenly found me missing and asked where I was? And out I came from under the desk saying that my pencil had fallen on the floor. She found me missing a few more times but didn’t say anything. Another day and the ritual continued. Finally, one day, she smelled a major rat. She somehow couldn’t help but walk till my seat. The teacher observed me, for a good 60seconds, holding a pencil in my hand and giggling away to glory. What next? She was kind enough to crown me the naughtiest child of the class. Now the end result is, every time I drop a pencil on the floor I just can’t help but chuckle.


As crazy as I could get one fine day I went and challenged all the guys of my class to play baseball for once and give cricket a break. Challenged that girls will make them taste defeat and they will have no place to hide hence after. Alas! We (the girl’s team) didn’t even manage to make one home run and then what followed was far beyond imagination. All the guys laughed at me mockingly and the girls literally passed a verdict to hang me till death.


My art teacher had asked all the students to bring charcoal sticks for the next class so that he could teach all the non artists shading and gradation. Fortunately the teacher was on leave that day and unfortunately I forgot to buy them. Just to kill time I borrowed a charcoal stick from one of my friends Mr. X and there went the destructive artist in me to create something which is different aka meaningless.

I sat in a corner silently (very unlikely me) and started colouring the whole sheet, no design nothing just coloured the white sheet black. Somehow I was unaware that there was a lot of charcoal dust on the sheet which I had not cleared.

As loyal as I could get I walked up till Mr. X and said, “Since you lent me a charcoal stick, I want you to be the first one to set your eyes on my one in a million creation” and showed him the sheet that was nothing less than a TAWA. Out of shock he bent over the sheet which was poles apart from my description.

God knows from where one of my friends came running and thumped my drawing book from below. I looked up at Mr. X and oops what do I see his whole face was covered with charcoal dust. Promptly I said, “Oye! Tera toh muh kala ho gaya” and I heard laughter all around. He gazed at me angrily and questioned, “What did you just say?” and with childlike innocence I replied, “Yahi ki tera muh kala ho gaya, ask anyone around!” The gaze got stronger and more furious leaving me baffled. He asked again, “Do you even know what you are saying?” Oops! Realising what I had said my eyes popped out and mouth opened big enough to swallow a python in one go.

To add to his misery my laughter producing statement spread like wildfire, batch mates came up every now and then to inquire that show us the guy jiska ek ladki ne muh kala kar diya.

The sound of hilarity still reverberates in my ears and Mr. X’s poor charcoal coated state flashes in front of my eyes every time I see the colour black.


I have always considered myself to be nothing less than a Diva and cameras have always fascinated me. The classes at my journalism institute were under electronic surveillance. To polish my acting aka DRAMA skills and to put such soul peepers to good use one day I suddenly started giving different facial expressions while looking into the camera (of course there was no one in the class). And voila! As I feared no one scolded or complaint.

This made me shed all inhibitions and every day I started dancing (hip hop, bharatnatayam break dance, TANDAV), making funny faces, acted giving different expressions as if I was about to slap them or throw a shoe at whosoever is watching in a hope that my talent will be recognised (and yes an empty classroom was no more a concern).

But one fine day (just a few days before I said good bye to the institute) I came to know that the cameras were broken since ages. Ouch! My heart broke into a zillion pieces and ahh! My talent had no takers. And once again I was a reason for some more smiles okay okay laughter at the institute.

So, in the end I would say:

Crazy moments are here to stay,
Even if people go astray.
Summer, winter, autumn or spring
Will keep adding moments to my life’s string.
So, cherish every moment that makes you smile,
Because that’s what is called a MAD LIFE!

P.S. I didnt realise I was making MEMORIES, I thought I was just having FUN...!!


  1. It was awesome moments of madeness with fun. I loved third the most.

    I wish you a good luck

    Saravana Kumar - Moments Of Madness

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  2. First time here thanks to the blogadda contest, You are from chandigarh wow, small world, me tooo :) but that was before i came ot uk.
    Loved the last point making faces on front of the camera , I do that now when i see a cctv.. some poor bloke is havign a boring day sitting behind watching people come and go might as well give him something ot have a laugh about ...

    All the best for the contest :)