Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Needles come! 'INK ME'

Have you ever thought of becoming a live canvas for a painter and let him design your body? But here comes the twist. Well before you answer just imagine the artist painting you with needles and not a paint brush. CONFUSED!!! Yes you read it right needles. How about daring yourself to get in that chair and getting yourself inked or in easy words getting a TATTOO. Eeeewwww....painful, isn’t it?
While a few decades back it was used as an identification or just some kind of a decoration for humans and as recognition or branding for animals, in the modern times it speaks volumes about the personality of a person wearing it. Even the B-town celebrities could not resist but follow the trend. Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Esha Deol, Deepika Padukone, Raveena Tandon (to name a few) all have got themselves marked with the eternal ink and are boldly endorsing it for some reason or the other. Some have names of their spouse’s, some their kids while a few preferred just some kind of an art form. So, if the celebrities are upto setting up some kind of a trend how can youngsters stay far behind in joining the bandwagon/ following their footsteps and keeping them at par with the latest fashion scene.
Once upon a time whosoever had a tattoo tried to hide it as much as possible, today they manage to make heads turn for praise. Proud owners of such priced possession quip that, “If you have it, flaunt it”, proving yesterdays taboo has become today’s must have. But such kind of a body modification is not for the faint hearted, it takes nerves of steel to face the tattoo gun. One has to pay the price in terms of pain. So people with low threshold of pain better stay away.
But what is it that is driving a whole bunch of youngsters crazy to get them marked with the permanent ink and undergo that excruciating pain?
Minute details and elegance with which a tattoo is designed leaves people awe struck wanting this one of a kind art form on their body too.
Ask today’s youngsters what made them choose the specific design they parade and they are all smiles as it definitely does make them stand out of the crowd and makes eyes pop.
Even though the youngsters are braving all odds to get a different mark on their bodies, the Indian parents are still a bit paranoid about their strong desires. They are still a bit hesitant to give a nod, but give in as they can’t see their pampered lot sulking and all grumpy.
So, if you are craving to get noticed in that crowd and seek all the attention then it surely is TIME FOR A TATTOO!! But hang on the only rule to get a tattoo made is you have to bear the pain which is a very small price that you will pay for an enduring fashion statement.

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