Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Women Want...?

What women want...?

An unanswered question just like what came first the hen or the egg, a mystery more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle, an unresolved issue which dates back several centuries than the Kashmir issue. But fret no more, help is on the way! Now women will speak and you boys out there stop scratching your brain like a scratch card with assured gifts and catch hold of a pen and paper. For what? One thing never question women, Oh I have already begun! Aha! Pen and paper to take notes on WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT! *Wink wink*

1) WOMEN- One word that makes male emotions go for a toss every time it’s mentioned. But guys its WOMEN and not WOO-MEN, so spare her the wooing part and let her do what she is best at aka make you woo her.

2) If ever want to sweep a girl off her feet then all you have to do is RESPECT her without a second thought. After all God’s best creation needs to be treated with honour and prize. Yo man! Just load yourself with this respect giving attitude and Voila! We’ll adore you even more.

3) COMPLIMENT her as often as you can, even more than you can inhale and exhale. It will definitely make you shoot up in her favourites list. If she has pimples try and compliment her on that as well like for eg. Say chand mai bhi daag hota hai. And for your kind information compliments compel us to smile and feel special.

4) We don’t always need expensive materialistic things but what’s more vital is the TIME you give us out of your life. Spend time with us watching the sun go down or hearing the birds chirp. A song sung together or a poem recited will leave an everlasting impression and yes you’ll be treasured in return. Aha! But that doesn’t mean expensive gifts take a backseat. Wink wink. At times we love to be materialist like the Material Girl! So, if you tickle us saying GUCCI, GUCCI, GUCCI we will unquestionably LV you!

5) We want to be PAMPERED. Hey there, yes you, cut down on your boozing spree and take the girl on a beauty spree instead if you want to live longer.

6) Never have that audacity to QUESTION her decisions or actions especially when she is upset. Questioning her means welcoming trouble and adding to your already volcanic struck lava coated state.

7) They say LAUGHTER is the best medicine but why are we females in this 21st century being deprived of this drug? A female is the centre of all talks when it comes to male conversations but what goes wrong when they laugh their lungs out at a public place. Why those frozen stares? We want to laugh! Don’t stop us people; we don’t have pyorrhoea that will scare you to death.

8) Never ever, I repeat, never ever dare to say that she is a store house of adipose tissue aka FAT even if she is a whooping 1000kgs. Just say she is very fit and of course the most beautiful thing on the face of this earth. Yes that goes for Koena Mitra as well.

9) We are born COUNSELLORS, even if you don’t have any problem we will wish that you have one and we get a chance to guide you through adversity. So, people even if not in trouble you know where to come because our angelic guidance comes with a free price tag.

10) Try and be FUNNY, I don’t mean Jim Carrey but we women love that funny streak rather than being with someone who will suffocate us to boredom.

11) Gimme an L, Gimme an O, Gimme a V, Gimme an E. Yes yes yes! Love us today, tomorrow, forever, every hour, every minute and every second. Difficult is it!

12) Well guys women’s AGE never exceeds the 16 mark in extreme cases it is 21. That’s it. Yeah you guessed it right BAA (Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi fame) is 16 and not a 1600 year old monument as you thought earlier.

13) We need SPACE in life and not only the wardrobe section. Don’t keep cross questioning us as if we are friends with Osama Bin Laden.

14) SHOPPING is survival. As essential as water. It’s our helping nature that forces us to shop without any reason and want. If we don’t shop, do you think all these brands would have survived for this long. So, once again it has been proved that women are the most essential part when it comes to survival of mankind and in turn its creations.

15) One more thing errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....!!!

Hold on guys how can God's most precious creation be deciphered just in a few thousand centuries. Let their wants be a mystery till eternity because that is what makes men drool for us women more. So, guys go ahead and try exploring the unexplored without worrying much about the results and the after-effects. Till then Good Luck and keep venturing.

PS: Oh Boys! Assuming is amusing but experience is enlightening. Hope you are enlightened enough.

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