Saturday, December 26, 2009


The day my friend walked out of my life,
The first thought I had was, “How will I survive?”

She wanted her friendship back from me,
Just like dry leaves parting from a tree.

She was in all my thoughts,
And I felt as if I have been killed in a single shot.

I said, “Hey friend! Please don’t go...?”
“But I don’t need you anymore?” She said so.

I didn’t want her to leave and clinched her shirt,
But she was the one who left without a word.

The wind blew like an unending storm,
And even the most pleasant moments were not enough for me to calm.

Tears were flowing unendingly from my eyes,
Just like a very disturbed ocean tide.

She walked out smilingly from my life,
Not knowing she had cut my heart with a sharp knife.

I kept looking at her like a dove,
But it was she who no more wanted to give me her love.

It was probably my mind which she was not able to read,
Else she would have stayed back, knowing she is the one I need.

But I still love my friend from deep inside,
And want her back to stand beside.

If ever I find my lost friend one day,
I will never let her go and feel so gay.

Without her I feel my life has ended,
Coz’ the heart she broke has still not been mended.

But her name is still carved on my heart,
As I was always loyal and truthful on my part.

I can never forget the day I lost my friend,
It was that very day, when my trust on people nearly came to an end.



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