Monday, December 21, 2009


What is life without you...???
Maybe like leaves craving for dew.

A road that leads to a ravine,
I still cherish the day you came in.

 Dived together in the deep ocean of life,
Where we found pearls to be kept aside.

 Pearls were memories collected with time,
Sparkling bright for each day to shine.

Firefly, sun, stars and moon,
Shimmered up seeing our love in tune.

Love, to explicate memories unwavering,
Built up with heavenly showers so caring.

Never thought it would end up this way,
You left the world leaving me astray.

Heard you exodus, shaken up was I,
Betrayed me my love any reason why.

Can’t confound your thoughts and feelings,
Pleasant seasons bring no healing.

You darkened my life, took the light,
Stars don’t shimmer to fill up the night.

Sun no more shinny, fireflies don’t glow,
Unhappy is life to see you go.

So, come back here or take me with you,
Tears roll down to start life anew.


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